Friday, August 22, 2008

The sweetness of devotion

"Sweetness" was a very important word for Francis de Sales. It was he who recommended carrying a "spiritual nosegay" throughout the day from one's morning devotions. It's a lovely concept.

Devotion is the real spiritual sweetness which takes away all bitterness from mortifications, and prevents consolations from disagreeing with the soul; it cures the poor of sadness, and the rich of presumption; it keeps the oppressed from feeling desolate, and the prosperous from insolence; it averts sadness from the lonely, and dissipation from social life; it is as warmth in winter and as refreshing dew in summer; it knows how to abound and how to suffer want, how to profit alike by honour and by contempt; it accepts gladness and sadness with an even mind, and fills the human heart with a wondrous sweetness.

-- Francis de Sales


  1. I love this! thank you ellie, again.

  2. That's a sweet painting, too. When I heard Wendy Wright talk once, she showed some middle ages pictures of baby Jesus, blonde, of course. One that still captures my attention is where he was sweeping "dust" out of a heart. I like that still.

  3. I'm glad you like the painting, Jan.

    And thanks so much for the post card!


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