Sunday, April 26, 2009

God as defense advocate

The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew

The psalm appointed for this morning's principal service is Psalm 4 which begins like this:
Answer me when I call, O God, defender of my cause; *
you set me free when I am hard-pressed;
have mercy on me and hear my prayer.
It is a good prayer for me right now because I am certainly "hard pressed" and in need of a "defender of my cause". I imagine that's true for many right now - perhaps even some who may happen to read this post.


  1. ((( Ellie ))) indeed. Prayers from this end.

  2. Hello, Paul. If you will send me an email address, I will tell you what's going on.

    My email is on my profile page.

    By the way, the nameless person Mad Priest asked prayers for before he left for Scotland is me.

  3. The Mad Priest said "we really need to DO something about these bishops"...I am wondering about getting some sort of on-line petition with lots and lots of signatures to show our concern about what is happening. Does the Mad Priest have an e-mail address? I couldn't find a way to connect with him directly.

    Let's DO something about these brutes!

    annie c

  4. Well, Annie, right now I think that would be ill advised for reasons I'll tell you about via private email. But thanks for the thought. And maybe that would be an approach further down the line!

  5. (((Sr. Ellie)))

    I will drop you a note, prayers.

  6. Ellie, love and prayers from me, too.


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