Sunday, January 31, 2010

The mundane and prayer

Scanned from a card given to me some time ago
Original source unknown

It is said that the Christian mystic Teresa of Avila found difficulty at first in reconciling the vastness of the life of the spirit with the mundane tasks of her Carmelite convent: the washing of pots, the sweeping of floors, the folding of laundry. At some point of grace, the mundane became for her a sort of prayer, a way she could experience her ever-present connection to the divine pattern which is the source of life. She began then to see the face of God in the folded sheets.

- Rachel Naomi Remen

Feeling caught in the difference between the mystical and the mundane is characteristic of beginners, really. Give your deep permission to experience no difference. Because, in reality, that's the way it really is: there is no difference at all.


  1. Ellie - A lovely reminder of the beauty of life - the mystical and the mundane. Thanks for sharing RNR's quote.


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