Friday, June 4, 2010

Sacred, precious solitude

Artist: Václav Brožík

I want to tell you about a very beautiful blog that I discovered quite some time ago and then re-discovered today. It's called "Spiritual Things Matter" and is made up of the poetry and reflections of the blog author, Viola Jaynes. Here is one stanza of a poem (which can be found right here in its entirety):
Oh solitude, my sacred precious solitude,
You so eloquently speak comfort to me.
May you captivate my heart fully -
And may you teach me never to fear you,
But to love you even more intimately!
In her post about herself, Viola writes the following:

As I write, I desire that those who have experienced pain will find some comfort and peace. The words which I write come from my heart, birthed from my own brokenness and a continued longing to find greater spiritual awareness. I want to embrace all people and therefore I will not limit my writing here to any religious beliefs or quotations of scriptures. That is a journey each will have to make for themselves. I simply want to share that in and through pain, a full life is still possible. It has been for me.
I identify with that hugely. It aptly expresses the reasoning behind my own interfaith focus.

The blog overall is gentle, lovely and offers writings of great depth indeed. You will not regret taking the time to explore this site.


  1. Thank you, Ellie. You are most gracious and kind.

  2. Oh, hello, Viola. I'm so glad you commented as I haven't visited your blog in a while and I must do so! Really, your writing is wonderful.


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