Thursday, March 10, 2011

Muted music

I'm not really sure when it was that I first came upon the works of Caryll Houselander. I just know that I'm glad I did.

Here's something that resonates very powerfully with me. I really can't say more about it than that:
There are people who do not find it necessary to use words or ideas for meditation. We know that we can hear a song, sung in a language of which we know not one word, but of the rhythm, the melody of it finds an answer in our heart, it echoes from our own soul. We can understand it without being able to translate a word of it into our own speech. For some, prayer is like that. The muted music of the human, suffering Christ touches a responsive chord in their own being. They do not require words and images, and indeed cannot use them. They cannot explain. They have no words, even for Christ. Perhaps they do not understand the music themselves. Perhaps if they uttered it aloud it would only confuse the world. It would not sound in their voice as it sounds in their souls.

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  1. Ellie, Caryll Houselander is truly one of my favorites! Each lent I re-read The Way of the Cross. She is so real and she goes soooo deep. Thanks for this.


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