Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A particular kind of peace

Artist: Master of the Trebon Altarpiece

Remember, it's still Christmas, people, and will be through January 5 - Twelfth Night.
,,,there is a...kind of peace...(that) does not come either from the denial of evil or the acceptance of oppression. This kind comes from the center of us and flows through us like a conduit to the world around us. This kind of peace is the peace of those who know truth and proclaim it, who recognize oppression and refuse to accept it, who understand God’s will for the world and pursue it. This kind of peace comes with the realization that it is our obligation to birth it for the rest of the world so that what the mangers and crèches and crib sets of the world point to can become real in us—and because of us—in our own time.

Sr. Joan is definitely one of my heroes in the religious life.


  1. Beautiful, again...thank you Ellie. I had not heard of this woman before finding her here.

    It calls forth such a grown-up view.

    annie c

  2. Oh, she is a marvel. (Needless to say, she has triggered a certain amount of upset among certain really conservative Roman Catholics.)


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