Monday, February 20, 2012

Spiritual reflection on Downton Abbey

Artist: George Hendrik Breitner

Today I happened to come across a short piece by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, the authors of the outstanding website entitled "Spirituality and Practice".  Do take a look:

10 Spiritual Takes on Downton Abbey

Here's a sample:
6. The series as a whole provides a poignant and diverse presentation of the dynamics of emotional literacy as played out in the lives of the upstairs aristocracy and the downstairs staff.

7. We realize that the web of life revolves around our relationships with others and that we should see others not as adversaries but as fellow-travelers on the path of wisdom and insight.
9. The variety of characters in the drama show us the irrational and disturbing aspects of our behavior and give us glimpses of our hidden shadow sides.
There is material for our spiritual lives and for doing our inner work absolutely everywhere.

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  1. Yes. There is a depth and complexity of spirituality in Downton Abbey that is unmatched by any other series I've watched. I have to be careful, however, what I read because we just finished season 1 and may never be watching whatever is the current series because we have to wait for Season 3 to come out on DVD.


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