Sunday, December 9, 2007

Advent 2

Today we focus on the role of John the Baptist, the great forerunner who urged us to repent. The word "repent" does not mean "feel very, very guilty and sorry about your sins." It means "turn around; change direction."

Here's an excerpt from an Advent 2 sermon I found on line:

I believe that the strength of any community does not lie in how much they have or how advanced they are, but in the kindness and compassion shown to its weakest and most vulnerable members. The church, above all other organizations, must show leadership in this issue. We must participate, with others in the calls for repentance, in the call to prepare for the Prince of Peace, the Christ of God.

The One Who Is to Come proclaimed by John the Baptizer came and preached a new way. Where the world advocated the solving of disputes through war, he proclaimed peace. Where the world proclaimed success through acquisition, he proclaimed success through sharing. Where the world proclaimed success through power, he proclaimed the power of vulnerability. Where the world proclaimed winning, he proclaimed and lived the power of the cross.

We await the Messiah - the one who proclaimed the power of a God who can bring light from darkness, hope from despair, love from hatred, life from death and community from division.

-- Beth W. Johnston

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