Sunday, February 3, 2008


Today, the last Sunday of Epiphany, is a day we observe the Transfiguration of Jesus. Here is an excerpt from a sermon for this day:

God is love. That's one of the first verses of Scripture that we each learned and that we teach our children and grandchildren. We say it with ease, but do we know what it looks like?

We do know that love does shine. We've all seen it. We've all seen someone in love, perhaps it was your own face in the mirror.

The eyes are bright with a new sparkle, the smile is radiant, the cheeks aglow. The same is true of a woman pregnant with child. Her love for the new creation growing in her womb shines through her face.

That's how God wants to be seen by us, as love making radiant all of God's creation. All of it, mind you--especially you and me. God wants us to shine with the light of that love, just like Moses and Jesus and Elijah. Because each one of us, as we walk through our lives, is a moment of Transfiguration for the people we meet. It is through us that God's love shines to fill the world with light.

-- The Rev. William S. Bennett

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