Sunday, March 30, 2008

God’s love is like a circle

Here's something I stumbled upon today that's meant to be a children's song. It's sung to the tune of "Stand up, stand up for Jesus".

God’s love is like a circle
A circle big & round,
For when you see a circle,
No ending can be found.
And so the love of Jesus goes on eternally
Forever & forever, He loves both you & me.
Today, I got a forwarded email that was so hate-filled (toward a certain group of people I'll choose not to name here) that I felt really sick inside. This sweet little song was something of an antidote for that and it brought me to gratitude.


  1. Thanks, Ellie. I'm sorry about that email.

  2. The words are lovely and also go to the tune 'Puff the Magic Dragon', which makes it great for children to sing.

  3. So it does, Anonymous! So it does.

    Thank you for pointing that out.

  4. I believe the very last verse is 'Forever and forever I know that God loves me'. It personalizes it to the wee one.

  5. Hi, Kimp.

    I see you're fairly new to Blogger. How nice to have you visit and comment. I hope you stop by again some time!

  6. I teach this same song to the tune of the Marine Corps Hymn. I just wanted to share another suggestion.
    I was taught this with the phrase "WHICH MEANS" added as a spoken part between 'goes on eternally', and 'Forever and Forever'.


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