Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spiritual beauty

"Internal Dialogue"

On an impulse I decided to run a search using the words "spiritual beauty" on Google Images. I found the above painting. Here's something the artist, Kim Walker, has to say:
Painting allows me the quiet and thoughtful internal dialogue that refreshes my spirit. For me, there is no greater beauty than what God has already provided. It can be seen in every aspect of nature, from the tiniest petal to the outreaches of the heavens. My artwork takes me on a spiritual journey as I seek and collect each item found in the natural world. Also, by incorporating these elements into my work my desire is to provide another way to view this beauty that might otherwise have been missed.
You can find more of her work right here.


  1. It's beautiful, Ellie - I love the colours.

  2. I like this image very much. Well done for finding it!


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