Monday, June 16, 2008

One world, God's world

"In this painting I used different colours to represent the different groups of people in the world. On the left side of the painting, I tried to resemble the world in my eyes. Groups all separated by different things, with the black lines and white words representing those things. On the right I painted what peace would mean to me, all the groups being mixed together, with the happy and peaceful colours around everyone."
- Shannon Pennifold, 14 years, Red Deer, Canada

Some years ago I read a book on forgiveness by Lewis B. Smedes and found it to be very, very helpful indeed. Today I discovered a quote on the Spirituality and Practice site by Smedes from his book called Choices. I especially like the suggested practice:
"I am personally thankful that we live together in a large moral house even if we do not drink at the same fountain of faith. The world we experience together is one world, God's world, and our world, and the problems we share are common human problems. So we can talk together, try to understand each other, and help each other."

To Practice This Thought: Recount one insight about yourself or the world that you gained through meeting someone from another culture.

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  1. I am continually blessed by your various posts on your different blogs. Thank you, Ellie.


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