Sunday, November 2, 2008

All Saints Sunday

Usually November 2 is All Souls Day but because it falls on a Sunday this year, All Souls is transferred to Monday - tomorrow.

Here's an excerpt from a lovely little essay about our relationship with the saints:
Did you ever wish you had friends in high places? Someone to help you out in a bind? Perhaps a buddy to give you a boost? A special guide?

Stop wishing and know that you do! You have friends in the highest of positions, and these are people who will not turn their backs on you when the going gets tough. In fact, they are especially pleased to smile on you and lift you up when you are down. They are the saints, and they’re planning a place among themselves for you.

Did you ever wonder what people in heaven do all day? Float on clouds? Wander around on gold pavement? Sing a cappella? Maybe. But many of us have the wrong impression if we think heaven is a perpetual resting home where we indulge our every desire and forget about other people.

The saints are at peace and are resting in the Lord, but it’s not the kind of rest that is oblivious to the world! No, they are always aware of us and are prepared to receive our prayers in love.

Some people frown on the idea that we should pray to saints. Idolatry, they cry! But they have a misconception of the role of the saints. Saint Paul tells us that we are a communion of saints, and a saintly communion, united with the Lord, is not divided by death. Those who are called to God might leave our earthly eyes, but they are present, and they are family and family members do not ignore each other when one of their own asks for help.
(You can read the whole piece right here.)

So, let us be strengthened by their example and aided by their prayers in the assurance that one day we will join them in union with the Holy One for all eternity.

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  1. as usual, a fabulous picture and post!

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