Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

"Election Day in Philadelphia"

Did you know that at one time Election Day sermons were customary? Here's an excerpt from an up to date one by Forrest Church:

But, in the largest sense of the word, neither John McCain nor Barack Obama is going to save us. Here the old Puritan preachers were right. The votes we cast for president are much less important than the votes we cast with and in our lives. Then God, greater than all and yet present in each, will save us. God will save us by looking through our eyes, and touching our hearts, and applying our hands to the saving work of neighborly love. Conversely, wherever you see neighborly hate, God is absent. God's love unites us, it doesn't divide us, either within or among ourselves.

If the United States of America is about anything it is about unity amidst diversity. E pluribus unum. Not one for many, but out of many, one.
May we all pray for our nation this night and extend compassion and lovingkindness in our prayers both to the candidates we support and to the candidates we oppose. And let us do what we can to make our nation just and good whatever our personal political outlook may be.


  1. Thanks Ellie, for providing this wonderful forum in which we may freely express ourselves and support one another during this monumental time. It has been truly therapeutic!


  2. Thank you for the perspective on the election. Prayer and joy in all things. I've already told my friends not to email me all the hate emails about what's going to happen.We're told to live one day at a time and frankly, that's all I can handle..
    Grammy Ona


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