Monday, December 28, 2009

Saint John the Evangelist (transferred)

From The Book of Dimma

Since December 27 fell on a Sunday this year, St. John's day was transferred to the 28th and Holy Innocents is tranferred to the 29th. (Feasts of Our Lord always take precedence over other feasts and Sundays are all feasts of Our Lord.)

The symbol of John the Evangelist is the eagle as you see above.

The Orthodox churches refer to this John as Apostle, Evangelist and Theologian and petition him with this prayer:
Beloved apostle of Christ our God,
hasten to deliver a defenseless people.
He who allowed you to recline on His breast,
receives you as you bow before Him.
Implore Him, John the Theologian,
to dispel heathen persistence
and to grant us peace and mercy.

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