Saturday, January 8, 2011

The difference between faith and belief

Photographer: Argos'Dad

Here are two quotations by the great Archbishop William Temple:

Faith is not the holding of correct doctrines, but personal fellowship with the Living God... What is offered to man's apprehension in any specific revelation is not truth concerning God but the Living God Himself.
The life of faith does not earn eternal life: it is eternal life. And Christ is its vehicle.

I do get weary sometimes by the assertions of certain conservatives that what we believe about God or Christ is the most important thing.

But then, I have a very high doctrine of the Indwelling. I recommend it.


  1. Setting aside the question of what the phrase, "personal fellowship with the living God," means, I feel quite good about this quote from William Temple. I definitely agree with his definition of what 'faith' is not.

  2. Archbishop Temple was definitely liberal but he was also truly devout. That's probably what's behind the phrase.


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