Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Generative Mystery

Artist: Thomas Moran

I was captivated by the word, "godfulness" which is partly why I'm offering this quotation today. But then I also really like the word "generative". And then, again, I love this last sentence here:

Godfulness is simply recognizing the primacy of a presence of love, spaciousness, grace, generativity, caring, and creativity in the world and in myself. How can a mere financial crisis compare to that? The Generative Mystery cannot go bankrupt. It is not subject to scarcity. We never run out of God.

-- David Spangler

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  1. I see a relationship between this post and the next on February 13. The painting depicts a dance that involves the churning of the sea and clouds with special effects provided by wind and light. The primacy of spaciousness, generativity, and creativity in the world are overt. But perhaps, with imagination we can also see love, grace and caring.


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