Sunday, February 6, 2011

Truly a keeper of a prayer

Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov

I'm choosing to cross post today, dear people, because this beautiful prayer is so, so good. (Yes, I posted this over on The Anchorhold as well today.) My dear priest friend, Wilma (from South Africa - currently serving in California), sent me the following:
Eternal One,
from whom my words come;
from whom my questions arise;
of whom all my loves are hints;
in whom alone I find my rest;
in whose depths I find healing and myself;
enfold me now in your presence;
restore to me your peace;
renew me through your power;
and ground me in your grace.
This is so powerful, isn't it? I know it's going to offer me many, many hours of reflection and contemplation.


  1. Hi Ellie-
    I discovered your blog through the images you select - which I enjoy a lot.
    This prayer is beautiful, complex.
    thank you* for sharing.

  2. Refuge, it offers much needed refuge.
    Carolyn L.

  3. Thank you for taking the trouble to comment, Kara Rane. I looked at your website and your work is simply stunning!

    I hope you come back often.

    Yes, Carolyn. Refuge is a good word here although I had not thought of it. Thank you for seeing it that way.

  4. I love this prayer--wherever and whenever you post it!


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