Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not a tame Christ

Thirteenth century fresco

Something that has disturbed me for a long time now is the Church's tendency to domesticate the gospel, to offer a "safe" Christ - safe in a tame way, I mean. Richard Rohr will have none of that. I suppose that's a core reason I've respected him and his ministry for so many years now:

"Jesus truly was dangerous. He was creating a following with a kind of thinking that was much more on the side of inclusiveness than exclusiveness.... Jesus is always moving the boundaries out while still respecting the center. That's the key to wisdom: being grounded in the center and still, from that deep foundation, knowing how to move out."



  1. Yes! That is how I see it too. But Jesus is dangerous to me too. Because I talk about following his example but I don't walk the walk all that much really.

  2. And isn't that as it should be? I think Richard Rohr is saying that Jesus (rightly understood, at any rate) is dangerous to everyone.

  3. The book and author escape me (sorry), but the entire premise was that Jesus was nothing but a rebel and if most Christians stopped to remember that there would be a lot fewer Christians. Rebels are not very well liked in our world after all.


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