Thursday, April 26, 2012

Conjuring love

Artist: Andrew Stevovich

Oh, my. Please look at this. A friend of mine over on facebook posted it and it is quite wonderful:
Today I will conjure love from the empty air. I will call it out from thin places where people walk without breathing, from dark places where they stumble without seeing. I will find love in those I do not like and let love appear in the faces I avoid. I will make room for love in my life even if I feel overcrowded with worry. I will offer love without restraint even if I have not received love in return. I will dance with love in innocent pleasure. I will sing love as though my voice were a new discovery. Today I will be the love God made me be when God called me from the empty air.
It is by Bishop Steven Charleston who, these days, lives right here in Oklahoma.


  1. He is the Bishop who was in Alaska when I was there (late 90's)and who officiated at my confirmation.

    annie c

  2. Sorry, I can't do all that. Good for him if he can.

  3. That's cool, Annie!

    Well, Tom. I think he was intending to be poetic. Also to encourage himself in something that is extremely difficult for all of us.

  4. We can't, but we can aspire to it every day! That's what so grand! Thanks, Ellie. I passed this on, too.

  5. I just realized, having been reminded - or that is informed - that this International Workers Day, that all the people at the party in this painting look like aristocriniks in the Communist Party from the 1960's. Well, actually,the faces only. The women's dresses and hair styles aren't dowdy enough.

  6. Ha! I was rather proud of finding that painting, Tom! :-)

  7. It's still a good painting.


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