Monday, April 23, 2012

A new consciousness

Artist: Lorenzo Lippi

I have valued the website entitled Spirituality and Practice for a good many years now.  I found the following quotation there today:
"Only a renewed consciousness of the worth of each and every one of us can provide the beginning of a new politics and of community that could bring us together. To create such a new consciousness will be a formidable spiritual and political task." 
— Jim Wallis in The Soul of Politics 
To Practice This Thought: See the image of God in every person you encounter today.
Election year in the United States can be a very stressful time for anyone and it can be difficult for some of us to maintain the kind of spiritual outlook we truly want to have. The recommendation above can help, I would suggest.


  1. You are so right about that strongest judgments tend to get stirred around political dynamics and to my attachments to the way I think things SHOULD be. It is very difficult for me to "accept things as they are", particularly in this realm!

    annie c

  2. Another book you would like is the newest one by Parker Palmer: "Healing the Heart of Democracy."

  3. Jim definitely nailed it. A renewed consciousness. I'm thinking maybe though it would take a new consciousness. But it's a quibble. His point is well made.

  4. Yes, Annie. It is hard! I think I get it.

    Thanks for the tip, Jan! I'll look for it.

    Well, Tom, that sounds like your sort of quibble! :-)


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