Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Learning to see the face of Jesus

Artist: Alexander Beridze
(Image from Wikimedia Commons)

I read on another blog today, the story of someone doing a pastoral internship who was very frustrated by the need to have patience with a mentally handicapped man who liked to hang around the church. Finally the intern asked the supervising priest how he managed so well.
"Well," [the priest] said, "he’s Jesus." 

Before [the intern] could fall into a deep hole of guilt and pointless shame, [the supervisor] added this... The secret to a successful Christian life, he said, is seeing the face of Jesus in others and also knowing that you are Jesus’ face to someone else.  
I was taught this many, many years ago when I was child. I'm not very good at it at all. And, yet, knowing that this is what it's all about brings me great consolation.


  1. Yes. And I'm not very good at it either.

  2. Many teachers have said people come into our lives for a reason and I do believe that principal. How much more meaning there is to that belief if I am seeing the face of Jesus in each one no matter how different. It reinforces something I once read in a book by Walter Wink, "You get the Jesus you need". That simple sentence blew my mind to the point of sleeplessness for a while. Along with this, it makes even more sense. If everyone I encounter is being sent into my life for a reason and I see the face of Jesus in them, then am I not receiving the Jesus I need each and every day? A very fluid and ever changing Jesus, but the Jesus I need, not the one I want, every day. I think I am very ashamed and humbled.
    Carolyn L.

  3. Gosh, I had not come across that observation by Walter Wink before. Thanks so much for sharing that, Carolyn!


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