Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lady Julian

Today is the feast of Julian of Norwich. Here's something about her:

Julian of Norwich was most likely a Benedictine nun who lived a life of seclusion in Norwich, England during the later part of the 14th century. She is thought to be one the greatest of English mystics. At the age of thirty, suffering from a servere illness and believing she was at the point of death, Julian passed into a trance and had a series of intense visions in which she was led to contemplate the nature of Divine Love. These revelations brought her great peace and joy. For twenty years she meditated on her visions in a small cell close to a church in Norwich, where she devoted her life to prayer and contemplation. She wrote the results of her meditations in a book called 'Revelations of Divine Love'. During her life many sought her advice in spiritual matters. Since her death, many more have found help in her writings.

The precise date of her death is uncertain.
And here is something she said:

Truth sees God, and wisdom contemplates God. From these two comes the third, which is a holy, marvellous delight in God, who is love. Where truth and wisdom are, in truth, there is love, coming in reality from both of them, and all are of God's making. For he is endless sovereign truth, endless sovereign wisdom and endless sovereign love, all of them uncreated.
And let us not forget that she kept a cat!

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