Monday, May 5, 2008

Some sweet lyrics

Jesus’ hands were kind hands,
Doing good for all.
Healing pain and sickness,
Blessing children small.
Washing tired feet
And saving those who fall.
Jesus’ hands were kind hands,
Doing good for all.

Take my hands, Lord Jesus,
Let them work for you.
Make them strong and gentle,
Kind in all I do.
Let me watch you, Jesus,
‘Til I’m gentle, too,
‘Til my hands are kind hands,
Quick to work for you.

Margaret Cropper (1886–1980)

I found this on Susan Russell's site. This was sung by children in her parish.


  1. I used to sing this at the private nursery school I went to. Although I could remember most of the words of the first verse I couldn't remember them all. It is so lovely to read them again.

  2. Hello, Anonymous.

    I'm very glad to have brought back some old memories for you.


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