Friday, June 12, 2009

Something about betrayal

Artist: Hugo Simberg

This really speaks to me today. I'll have to talk about why some other time:

The Church, rightly conceived, is the whole covenant people called to serve in the world. The clergy are also part of the laity, and their true function is to help equip the laity to be the Servant People. If they turn aside to rule and to secure their own status, they have betrayed the calling of the special ministry.

-- Franklin H. Littell

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  1. Amen! Some people forget that ordination does not erase baptism. Clergy are part of the laos theou (people of God = laity), a subset, not an independent set. Our task is equipping the saints. Few things anger me more than arrogant and abusive clergy, and I speak as part of that subset.


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