Monday, June 1, 2009

Interior prayer

Artist: Theodore Robinson

You know, I would think the following would be rather obvious but, sadly, many church people don't see it this way:

Without meditative and contemplative prayer the sacramental life can become shallow and formal and can lack interior depth. It is essential that the liturgical movement with its great emphasis upon the corporate action of the faithful in worship be accompanied by no less emphasis upon interior prayer.

-- Michael Ramsey

By the way, Michael Ramsey was Archbishop of Canterbury during my formative years and I admired him very much and was greatly influenced by him.


  1. This is such a beautiful quote from Michael Ramsey and a tribute to those Episcopalians, I include myself, who love the liturgy of the church and sometimes find myself transported places other than the beauty of own interior prayers of praise and thanksgiving.

  2. Me again - this is such a beautiful quote, I plan to feature it on my Sacred Sunday post coming up with a note to visit your blog for more inspiration through word and photography. I hope you don't mind - I would never use it w/o crediting you for the find!

  3. But of course, Sunrise Sister!

    I'm honored.


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