Thursday, May 19, 2011

Making green places

Artist: Claude Monet

Most people who read this blog know by now how much I admire Frederick Buechner and how much I have benefitted from his writing. With all the current carrying on about the Rapture, the following seems to be an appropriate passage to ponder:
We cannot make the Kingdom of God happen, but we can put out leaves as it draws near. We can be kind to each other. We can be kind to ourselves. We can drive back the darkness a little. We can make green places within ourselves and among ourselves where God can make his Kingdom happen.


  1. Good thoughts

    Interesting. Usually the word verification is just letters. This time it spells "unarm." Sort of fits with the theme doesn't it?

  2. What? No doomsday meditation?

  3. Hiya, Tom. The "doomsday meditation" is now posted above. Enjoy!


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