Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More about Pentecost

Artist: Giotto di Bondone

This is from a sermon by the Rev. Dr. Frank Hegedus:
Perhaps the greatest marvel of Pentecost is that the peoples gathered at Jerusalem heard the disciples at all amid the din of the city and the bustle of their own lives. But hear them they did, each of them comprehending the message of the Gospel not only in Hebrew and Greek, the common languages of that time and place, but in the language of the human heart. Now as then, all nations and peoples yearn to hear words of forgiveness and peace. But we do not live in a world that likes to listen. Too often we hear what we want to hear and simply call it the voice of God.
All language about God is only an approximation to the reality of God, for human language cannot fully comprehend the divine mystery. No one owns the truth. No one owns God. But the more we listen, the closer we come to God. And the closer we come, the more there is to hear and understand of “God’s deeds of power” and great love for us. And then, just when we think we may finally have this God business all figured out, God surprises us yet again and challenges us to delve deeper: to love those we cannot possibly love and to forgive the unforgivable.
It would be beneficial to all (and for all) if we remembered that language about God is "only an approximation". That one awareness all by itself would serve as an antidote to much of the religious conflict abounding in our world today.

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  1. It's too bad that can't go without saying. But, of course, it can't. And, unfortunately, the people who need to hear it are very unlikely to do so. But the Rev. Dr. Hegedus states the point well and clearly.


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