Saturday, June 18, 2011


Artist: Leon Wyczółkowski

The old saints used to refer to awareness of God as "recollection" and I've always loved that word. Probably the word in current use that comes closest to what was meant would be "mindfulness". An interest in remembering, a willingness to remember, is part of that mindfulness, I would assert:

Wherever you have seen God pass, mark that spot, and go and sit in that window again.

-- Henry Ward Beecher


  1. I'm sure you remember Plato's words, "All learning is remembering." I can never remember whether it was Plato or Aristotle that said something so I googled it and found it on the following site which is, I think, pretty cool:

  2. Interesting link, Tom. Thanks. I'm exploring it now.

  3. Lovely quote from Henry Ward Beecher.

  4. A beautiful memorable...

    "go and sit in that window again".

    I love it!
    annie c


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