Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The shattering love of God

Artist: Anthony van Dyck

You already know how very much I value the writings of Frederick Buechner. Here's another sample and I like this passage very much:

We try so hard as Christians. We think such long thoughts, manipulate such long words, and both listen to and preach such long sermons. Each one of us somewhere, somehow, has known, if only for a moment or so, something of what it is to feel the shattering love of God, and once that has happened, we can never rest easy again for trying somehow to set that love forth not only in words, myriads of words, but in our lives themselves.


  1. Who was it who said something like "Preach, but only use words if you really have to"?


  2. Hello, Loidian. That was St. Francis of Assisi. (It's good, isn't it?)


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