Thursday, July 24, 2008

God the friend


I found this on a blog called Poetry, Prayer and Praise. Seeing God as a friend is very consoling, very strengthening, very joy producing, I think:

God The Friend

God in the bad times
God in the good
God in the flame
And God in the wood.

God in the labour
God in the rest
God in the shallows,
God in the crest.

God in the healing,
God in the care
God on the wing
And God in the prayer.

God in the living
God at the end,
God the faithful
God the friend.

- Veritas


  1. Ellie! Once again, you speak so directly to my core. Indoctrinated in the Nation of Catholicism, I abandoned my religious roots and set out on my own spiritual quest. I grew to hate the word God because I was so beaten down with ideas of sin and judgement. Today, I'm trying to find that Friend. And this poem was a welcome jewel along this path.



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