Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Something about liturgy

"Miriam's Dance"

Brandon Scott, a theologian who is on the faculty of Phillips Seminary right here in Tulsa, wrote an article in which he explores the true function of liturgy. I really like his point about "a new asceticsm":

Liturgy is not about the past, but life in the present. Liturgy should not recreate a dream world, a romanticized past, but symbolize and ritualize current struggles and life. We need rituals for cancer, 12 step programs, and divorce. We need to celebrate and mourn. And we need liturgy that celebrates the scientific worldview as our own. We need a new asceticism that helps people become silent and turn off the media roar that drowns out our true life. The challenge today to religious experience is not science, but Disney. The media has created a fantasy that wants to surround our every waking moment. We must learn to turn it off, if we are going to hear the still quite voice.

--Brandon Scott


  1. Not only learn to turn off the media and the technological world, but learn to not feel guilty for doing so. Quiet has become something we are asked to justify instead of something considered invaluable. I like his point. And 'Miriam's Dance' is beautiful.

  2. Yes the media is a terrible influence.


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