Thursday, July 10, 2008

The sounds around us

"Listening Carefully"

I found a blog just now that has a posting on Lectio Divina that includes this paragraph:

Sometimes in preparing for prayer, relax and listen to the sounds around you. God’s presence is as real as they are. Be conscious of your sensations and living experiences of feeling, thinking, hoping, loving, wondering, desiring, etc. Then, conscious of God’s unselfish, loving presence in you, address God simply and admit: “Yes, you do love life and feeling into me. You do love a share of your personal life into me. You are present to me. You live in me. Yes, you do.”
As I write I am in bed and the frogs outside are singing. It is a wonderful sound and I'm about to go to sleep listening to it. How lovely it is to know that it is God's own life within me that makes it possible for me to have this consciousness and this very real pleasure.


  1. How right you are ! We need to stop and listen and appriciate all God's creations.

  2. After reading Dr. Oliver Sacks' tragic experience, (,) I'm just beginning to understand and be informed (read: inward formation) that music, like grace, is also stuffed within us. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that the sounds around us lead us to the Divine.


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