Monday, September 1, 2008

David Pendleton Oakerhater

From a letter by Making Medicine - known to us today as David Pendleton Oakerhater, whose memory we observe today:
I know god likes to hear little children pray to him for it was of these the Savior said, of such is the Kingdom of heaven and very often visit the sick almost every day. I tell about my heathen people I will tell about that he is the son of God. Some old mens to me he say how you know this is the Son of God in heaven. I study I find this Bible Say So. How you know for got good hearts but I say that Holy Bible Said repent Believe and obey. What it means repent he say but I say I repent believe and obey because I am Baptized and Confirmed and eat Lord Supper. again I say to them I am an Indian. but my eyes have been opened to see the light I love and go to the Holy house on the Holy day. I love to hear the Holy Book. The Great Spirit words. I have been washed in the water. I have eaten the Bread and drunk the wine of the Holy fellowship I love all the ways of the Great Spirits laws. I do not know much yet but I will go on to know. Perhaps I will grow up in his knowledge as the tall tree grows up, and up, and up. the white mens who have come to teach us are wise. The sacred men work with their own hands as well as learn and teach from Book So they are strong and wise and excellent that the Indian people all very much surprised to hear me they think that very good History of Jesus and God that is all I say to you
How very, very moving.

He knew such great hardship and sorrow. And yet he had genuine joy in his faith.

May we be strengthened by his example and aided by his prayers.

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