Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Doing" Lent

Here's an approach to Lenten discipline that really appeals to me:

Lent is here. Ready or not, the Big Question is always: How we are going to “do” Lent this year? May I suggest going on a fast that makes sense in this culture? Let us fast from the various types of clutter in our lives, beginning with the “outer regions” of life—our personal habits and the clutter in our homes. Then we will move to mental and spiritual clutter as the weeks progress toward Easter. We can fast from the confusion and busy-ness that characterize our culture. If we use this period to open our hearts, we will be well prepared to celebrate Easter.

-- Susan K. Rowland

Susan Rowland then offers suggestions for how to put this commitment into practice. You can find them right here.

Of course, if you're already a compulsive neatness freak, this would not be a good discipline for you! :-)


  1. Ellie, this is so wonderful and just what I need! Plus, the image is fantastic.


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