Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Why" I believe in God!

Here's what happened, people. I got home from work this evening and flipped on the television (which was tuned to PBS) and there he was: Pavarotti singing La Boheme with the great Renata Scotto. I remember that landmark performance from 1977. It knocked my socks off then and it does to this day. And I went into an ecstacy - really. And I found myself saying, "This is why I believe in God."

Now let me hasten to add that this is not an attempt at apologetics on my part here. I've never been any good at apologetics and the field, quite frankly, doesn't particularly interest me. Arguments about the existence of God are, in my humble opinion, more destructive than anything else and are actually anti-evangelical (if that's a word.) But experience interests me very much. As does gratitude. As does praise. I turn to God when I am bursting with thanksgiving. And a voice like Pavarotti's elicits that in me.

And not just the voice but the vehicles for the voice: the works of Donizetti, Puccini, Verdi... and on and on.

And the fact that I was imcomparably blessed by being brought up on opera.

So here's a "thank you" to my parents (especially on this issue to my father, the tenor). May you rest in peace and may you even now be delighting in the great voices of the ages!

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