Friday, September 3, 2010

The courtesy and respect of God

A synagogue in Berlin

Cynthia (friend and administrative assistant extraordinaire) sent me the following this morning:
A Jewish friend told me this story: A man asks his rabbi, "Why does God write the law on our hearts? Why not in our hearts? It's the inside of my heart that needs God." The rabbi answered, "God never forces anything into a human heart. He writes the word on our hearts so that when our hearts break, God falls in." Whatever you hold sacred, you'll find that an unguarded broken heart is the ideal instrument for absorbing it.
I believe it was Julian of Norwich who said, "He is a courteous Lord."

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  1. Ellie,

    This is truly one of the most beautiful things that I have ever read...thank you. I can not think of a better description of our gentle, loving God and his care for us. This is a gem and I will be sharing with with those close to me. What a beautiful image of letting go and surrender and 'breaking open' so that God can dwell where he desires to our hearts.


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