Friday, September 17, 2010

A Reflection for the Fall

Artist: Leander Engström

My dear friend, Liz, sent me the following today. Even though it's quite hot right now in Tulsa, fall is nevertheless upon us:

God of the Fall, the trees are saying good-bye to their green. Letting go of what has been. We, too, have our moments of surrender, with all their insecurity and risk. Help us to let go when we need to do so.

God of fallen leaves lying in coloured patterns on the ground, our lives have their own patterns. As we see the patterns of our own growth, may we learn from them.

God of misty days and harvest-moon nights, there is always the dimension of mystery and wonder in our lives. May we gain strength from this.

God of geese going south for another season, your wisdom enables us to know what needs to be left behind and what needs to be carried into the future. We yearn for insight and vision.

God of flowers touched with frost and windows wearing white designs, may your love keep our hearts from growing cold in the empty seasons.

God of life, you believe in us, you enrich us, you entrust us with the freedom to choose life. For all this, we are grateful.

-- Joyce Rupp

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