Monday, November 29, 2010

Wake up!

The opening movement to Bach's Cantata #140 just says "Advent" to me. And the following performance is simply magnificent:

I performed this many times myself back in the day. The oboe parts are to die for, truly! And, I must say, I would have loved working with this concertmistress (whose role, by the way, can be as important as the conductor's). Her leadership technique is awe inspiring.


  1. You were/are an oboist, Ellie? ...

  2. d'oh! I want to know!!!

    I used to play the piano and viola. I really miss performing music. :-(

    I'd like to take up lute, and cello. But I love the oboe.

  3. Dreadfully sorry, Cathy! I hadn't made it over here to this particular blog today before just now!

    Yes, I was an oboe player by profession before my religious vocation was finally discerned. I took vows as a solitary in 1987 but then continued performing for two years before retiring in 1989 to enter the convent.

    As an undergraduate, I also took a double minor in voice and piano/organ and I put myself through that degree on accompanist scholarship. I've continued playing piano until quite recently but then I broke a finger last spring and now I'm not doing any music at all. That's okay. I had a great little run with it and everything I learned about and through music serves me in my vocation today!

    Viola, huh? Lovely instrument! And viola players are never out of work since they're as scarce as hen's teeth. :-)

    Well, I'm teaching a meditation class in about one minute so I'll sign off now. Talk to you later!

  4. The viola is beautiful. So's the piano, and the oboe, and the voice. I grieve for your broken finger, Ellie, even though I appreciate what you say about learning from music and moving on, further into your vocation. May God restore to you everything that has been lost.


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