Saturday, April 2, 2011

The meaning of life

Forgive me, dear friends, but I just found the following and I love it! For some reason I can't completely explain, I think I want to post it on this blog rather than somewhere else:

When compiling his great dictionary, the young Noah Webster travels to the Himalayas, where he climbs to the cave of the world's wisest man. "O, great sage," he says, "tell me the meaning of life." The sage sits Noah at his feet and, with great solemnity, commences to unfold the meaning of life. When finished, he places a hand on the young man's shoulder and says, "Do you have any other questions, my son?" Noah flips a page in his notebook and says, "You wouldn't know the meaning of lift, would you?"

~Robert Brault


  1. The enlightenment herein has left me dumbstruck. Either that or I didn't really get it.

    I will be crushed if you tell me it was supposed to be a joke.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry to crush you but, yes, it's a joke. (Do read it again...) But it's a joke with a point - IMHO a serious point.

  3. I was afraid that might be the case. Of course you are probably aware that I suffer from JADS, so I will humbly accept your assistance in my Appreciation of the Joke so that my Deficiency Syndrome may receive the appropriate level of relief. By the way I regularly practice IMHO.


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