Saturday, January 14, 2012


Artist: Caspar David Friedrich

Here is a passage from a book by Terence Grant entitled The Silence of Unknowing. I think he's saying something terribly important here. Our collective lack of comprehension regarding how fundamentally connected we are is directly responsible for the prevailing belief that we can only succeed through competition and hostility.
Christ is the vine, we are the branches. We labor under the delusion that we are isolated from other people. The consequences are fear, suspicion and conflict--all of which are destroying our world today. Imagine what would happen if people were to drop this fantasy of separateness. What if even just the Christians were to let go of this delusion? What if we were to move beyond our little, separate self to discover our true Self, this shining sun that each of us is? There would be a revolution.


  1. yes Ellie*! I love this,,(the message and the image)... All are One.

  2. I'm glad, Kara. Thanks so saying so.

  3. It strikes me that if we truly believed we are all interconnected the idea of the purpose of our life being, "to make life less difficult for each other" as posted on 1/10 would suddenly take care of itself.
    Carolyn L.

  4. Point well taken Carolyn. It does stand to reason, doesn't it?

    annie c


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