Monday, January 2, 2012

Receptivity to the Christ

Artist: Donatello

Is this not, perhaps, what we mean at Christmas time when we ask Christ to be born in us?
We cannot make the Kingdom of God happen, but we can put out leaves as it draws near. We can be kind to each other. We can be kind to ourselves. We can drive back the darkness a little. We can make green places within ourselves and among ourselves where God can make his Kingdom happen.


  1. I'm glad, Roberta.

    Heck, I like pretty much everything of Buechner's I've ever read!

  2. And this is what we try to do I think. Those of us who read your blog and those who read and write similar blogs and attempt to find community with others who have a desire to "make green places within ourselves and among ourselves where God can make his Kingdom happen."

    Funny, my word verification is "diasesse," which made me think of diocese. So I checked the etymology and found it has to do with a house or house keeping or the management of a house or district. It occurs to me therefore that we are among the diocese of the "green places." ; )

  3. I like the idea of a "diocese of the green places", Tom!!


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