Friday, March 9, 2012

The center of the home within us

Artist: Ferdinand Dorsch

Today I found myself pulling from my shelves a book I've actually had for a long time that's entitled Coming Home: A Handbook for Exploring the Sanctuary Within by Betsy Caprio and Thomas M. Hedberg. Here's something I found in it today that I'd really like to share with you:
Becoming the spiritual detective is an acquired skill. When we first begin the explorations of the psyche, we may feel in a strange place -- just as any new home feels strange at first. Then, with time, we learn our way around just as we are soon able to find our way around a new home in the dark. And the spiritual seeker learns how to let the inner and the outer worlds in which he or she moves become two  parts of one whole, so that they are continually informing each other. This is how we find our way to the center of the home within us, the place where God lives and waits for us.
I first acquired this book during a period of my life in which I didn't really have a home. Oh, I had a place to live but my presence there was resented and so I really didn't feel at home. Learning to rely on the knowledge that I had a home within was a big, big help.


  1. I must admit this is not a skill I've developed. But I recognize the concept. Over the years I have found that I am often able to discover the source of certain allergies and, more recently, food intolerances, primarily by doing a bit of detective work which amounts primarily to simply asking myself two questions: 1. "What have I been doing differently?" and 2. "What had I been eating just before this symptom began?" Then, if I stop doing it or eating it and the symptom goes away I test it again to be sure, etc.

  2. Sounds good, Tom! It works for spiritual matters and emotions as well.

    I see you're back. Hope the trip went well.

  3. By clicking on this book, I was shocked to find that I'd ordered it way back in 1997! I wonder what ever happened to it. . . .?

  4. How odd, Jan!

    That's probably about when I got my copy.


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