Monday, March 26, 2012

Letting go of attachment

Artist: Rembrandt

It was the great mystic, Meister Eckhart, who said the following:
"... we should learn to see God in all gifts and works, neither resting content with anything nor becoming attached to anything. For us there can be no attachment to a particular manner of behavior in this life, nor has this ever been right, however successful we may have been."


  1. "...however successful we may have been."
    When I was growing up, my Dad used to teach Sunday school at the nursing home. We were from a small farming community so there was only one nursing home. One Sunday as we were driving back to the church he made the observation that the nursing home was the great equalizer. While teaching he had noticed that the man who had been President of the bank all of my Dad's life and worn a suit everyday was sitting in a wheelchair right next to a man in a wheelchair who had never worked a day in his life and had probably never owned a suit.
    So much for attachment.
    Carolyn L.

  2. We really have nothing for everything is fleeting. But if given it enjoy it as a gift from God, and then be willing let it go. That's the best way for me to live, anyway!

  3. Good points made here by both Carolyn and Ciss.



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