Sunday, August 2, 2009

Something I just remembered

Christian Science symbol

Quite a few years ago (pre-convent days) I lived next door to some dear people who were Christian Scientists. We became close friends and, in the process, I learned quite a bit about Christian Science. No, I'm not about to suggest that we give up going to doctors but I do want to say without reservation that there is much to be admired in Christian Science spirituality. This morning I happened to remember the opening sentence from their text book, Science and Health:

To those leaning on the Sustaining Infinite, today is big with blessings.
I love that. "The Sustaining Infinite" is both a deeply personal and also non-anthropomorphic name for God.

Here's something else I've always considered to be beautiful:

Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.
What orthodox Christian can argue with that? You often see those words painted on the front wall of Christian Science churches.

Finally I want to share with you something that prompted in me both reflection and sorrow when I first read it back in the 80s:

If all who ever partook of the sacrament had really commemorated the sufferings of Jesus and drunk of his cup, they would have revolutionaized the world.
I commend the above quotations to us all for reflection and contemplation today. They are all by Mary Baker Eddy.

By the way, the Christian Science Mother Church is in Boston and if you're ever there, please go by for a tour. It has a truly amazing organ - world class. And the building itself is lovely and also fascinating.


  1. i love when i learn something new and i'd never heard those quotes before...we all have so much to learn from one another!

  2. Thanks, Roberta! I love it too. And there are gems everywhere - no matter what the tradition.

  3. I'm using your photo for my Humanities project


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