Sunday, October 5, 2008

Learning to let go

"Interior at L'Etang'la Ville"

Losing things is annoying. Forgetting things is also annoying. What if these occurances represent God's way of teaching us to let go? What if we reminded ourselves of this whenever we catch ourselves being annoyed about some little loss?

When I trouble myself over a trifle, even a trifle confessed -- the loss of some little article, say -- spurring my memory, and hunting the house, not from immediate need, but from dislike of loss; when a book has been borrowed of me and is not returned, and I have forgotten the borrower; and fret over the missing volume, ... is it not time that I lost a few things, when I care for them so unreasonably? This losing of things is the mercy of God: it comes to teach us to let them go. Or have I forgotten a thought that came to me, which seemed of the truth? I keep trying and trying to call it back, feeling a poor man until that thought be recovered -- to be far more lost, perhaps, in a notebook into which I shall never look again to find it! I forget that it is live things that God cares about.

-- George MacDonald

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