Thursday, October 2, 2008

"You can furnish one Christian life."

A lot of us are disappointed, even depressed at times, by the failures of the Church. Here is an inspiring response to that repeated complaint/excuse that we hear: "I'm only one person. There's really nothing I can do":

It is for us, in whom the Christian Church is at this moment partially embodied, to declare that Christianity, that the Christian faith can do that for the world which the world needs. You say, "What can I do?" You can furnish one Christian life. You can furnish a life so faithful to every duty, so ready for every service, so determined not to commit every sin, that the great Christian Church shall be the stronger for your living in it, and the problem of the world be answered, and a certain great peace come into this poor, perplexed phase of our humanity as it sees that new revelation of what Christianity is.

-- Phillip Brooks


  1. These are such encouraging words for such a discouraging time.

  2. Yeah, I thought so too, Roberta. That's why I was so glad to find them. They're empowering as well, don't you think?


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