Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Teresa of Avila

Today is her day - the day of the great mystic who never faltered in her commitment to the practical. It was said that she could go into an ecstasy while frying an egg and not break the yolk.

Here's something she said:
The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too.

So, it seems she may have been an early process theologian. Think of that!


  1. i posted about her today also - good thing we didn't use the same icon :0

  2. Hi Ellie!
    What is a "process theologian" please?


  3. Hello, Annie. Whenever you see a word or phrase on my blog in a different color with a line under it, that is actually a link. If you click through the link on the words "process theologian", that will take you to a very good article about it.

    It's, actually, a very compelling and exciting way of looking at divinity! Have fun.


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