Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Little Flower

Many thanks to regular commenter, Roberta, for reminding us yesterday that today is the feast day of St. Thérèse Of Lisieux - also known as The Little Flower.

I have admired Thérèse and her "little way" for many years now. It was when I was still in the convent that I remember reading about how difficult it was for her to pray when she was ill with tuberculosis and that she would simply walk for the intention of the missionaries. That kind of dedication and effort was very inspiring to me even then. But it was only after I had tuberculosis myself while I was in South Africa that I truly comprehended what that practice was like for her. The disease makes one unbelievably weak and fatigued. I remember just the effort of lifting my hand almost bringing tears to my eyes. And it was excruciatingly difficult to walk - even a few yards across a room. This was the little saint's prayer - an exertion of great love and commitment. I always think of her now when I teach walking meditation.

She also said, "I will spend my heaven doing good upon the earth." So do remember, whenever you need intercession, that you can call upon Thérèse, a prayer warrior if there ever was one!


  1. That's a great painting. Thanks for the mention;) I had no idea you had been so ill. She must mean so much to you!


  2. Yes, Roberta, I've had several bouts with life threatening illnesses and I'm pretty amazed that I'm still here, to tell you the truth!

    And you're right. Thérèse does mean a lot to me. Her humility was so genuine and unaffected. She was so honest and open about her difficulties and temptations. She never tried to hide the truth about herself.


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