Monday, October 27, 2008

The problem with riches

This is very interesting. I had not come across this quotation of Wesley's before today. I would be interested in what other people think about it:

Wherever riches have increased, the essence of religion has decreased in the same proportion. Therefore I do not see how it is possible in the nature of things for any revival of religion to continue long. For religion must necessarily produce both industry and frugality, and these cannot but produce riches. But as riches increase, so will pride, anger, and love of the world in all its branches.

-- John Wesley


  1. I had an on-going problem regarding the Church - in my case Catholic - and riches/ property/accumulative wealth and I have to say it led to a great deal of uneasiness....but then after prayer I got an answer!

    God will not judge me on the wealth of others, the property of others etc;
    I will be held accountable for my actions only.
    This has been a great spur for me - I hope in the telling of it, it might help others and lift a burden at the same time.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Veritas. I agree with you.

    I'm wondering if Wesley is right, however, about religious revival not lasting almost by definition. Of course, this assumes that prosperity inevitably brings pride and greed along with it. Maybe. Maybe not. It's intriguing, at any rate.


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